Tamarit Motorcycles, the leader custom build company of Triumph motorcycles in the world, wanted to capture its philosophy in a collection of clothing and accessories for people who are looking for exclusivity daring to be diferente. 


 We are here to change las cosas.

This is how the adventure of Tamarit began, a 100% Spanish brand, from Elche, which in 2015 revolutionized the luxury motorcycle market, becoming today the leading customizer of motorcycles with Triumph engine in the world. We create joyas.

We live in a world of standards where inspiration becomes imitation, which makes it increasingly difficult to differentiate, so Tamarit is a true believer of personality as a refuge of authenticity and that is the motto on which we create each project, making the personality of each client in authentic burras. We look for lo exclusivo.

(C)rush, meetings, fees and feedbacks, English? Yes, in our own way, we can't ignore our roots, but we adapt it to our history. Triumph was born in England and therefore, we know where we come from, but we also know where we are going.


60% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 5% Spandex and 100% Tamarit.


Tamarit has managed to create a feeling of belonging to a gang, we are la familia and in it everyone has their own personality and tells their story through what surrounds them. But a member of the Tamarit family will never want to be distinguished by what everyone else has or does.

We had to create something that represented all those who lived the Tamarit way of life but that at the same time everyone could make their own, and day to day, what is one of the best ways we have to express who we are? the way we dress. They had it. The inspiration behind it? Simple things with a lot of rollo.

A collection of T-shirts made with DNA 60% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 5% Spandex and 100% Tamarit and the best material on the market, does not rub you (if you do not want) and adapt to the movement, go with the flow and put your prisa out that living without haste lengthens life. Each T-shirt has a different personality, you put me burro? It's hot, and we know it has nothing to do with the Indian summer. We've never been good at reading between the lines (or have we).

Accessories that give Tamarit looks a special touch, belts, hats or iPad cases that breathe noise and freedom that inspire our best burras.


Escape from lo de siempre and give a warm welcome to the Tamarit family.

We provide the (good) raw material, you provide the soul.